Spring Flowers We’re Looking forward to Enjoying

Lifestyle-SpringFlowers-blog-1050x0-c-defaultThe days are getting longer and temperatures are rising, which means spring is almost here! Nothing welcomes the arrival of the new season quite like bringing fresh spring flowers into your home or office. With a vase of seasonal flowers, you can create a cheerful environment and freshen the air with the sweet smell of springtime blooms. We can’t wait to start putting together our new seasonal designs and sharing them with all of you.

Interesting Facts about Spring Flowers

Flowers can’t read the calendar. So, how do they know when it’s time to bloom? Spring flowers start growing in response to the warming temperatures and longer days, as the first day of spring approaches. This year, the vernal equinox falls on Thursday March 19th, and it marks the first official day of spring in the United States.spring-morning-basket-arrangement-BA07319.425

When Do Spring Flowers Actually Bloom?

The first spring flowers can bloom as early as late January and early February! Even in cold climates, crocuses and snowdrops work their way through frosty blankets of snow to show their dazzling faces. Other early bloomers like tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, and pansies typically bloom here in Charlotte in late February or early March. Some spring flowers need a bit more sunshine to come out in all their glory. You can expect to see lilacs, daisies, bluebells, roses, and peonies closer to late April and mid-May.

Our Favorite Spring Flowers

Thousands of flowers bloom in celebration of spring, which makes it tough to choose just a few favorites. The following, however, are some of the most popular of the season, and ones that we love to use in Springtime arrangements for you.



Daisies are the perfect springtime gift for a new mother or even for a mom on Mother’s Day because they represent motherhood, childbirth, and new beginnings. Classic daisies have white petals that surround cheerful yellow centers, but other varieties like Gerbera daisies come in a range of bright and saturated hues like fuchsia, orange, yellow, and red.

Pink Peonies


These lovely blooms unfurl their ruffled petals late in the season in a variety of gentle shades of pink. They’re perfect for decorating and wonderful in bridal bouquets thanks to their positive symbolic meanings, which include happy marriage, prosperity, romance, riches, good fortune, honor, and compassion. Slow to bloom, they can also symbolize bashfulness.

Pink Tulips


It’s impossible to make a list of favorite spring flowers and not include tulips. These lovelies have held their share of the spotlight for centuries, as they were once so valuable that they sold for thousands of dollars and could even be used as currency in Holland. Today, tulips have become a springtime staple, and they’re a favorite in both Easter and Mother’s Day bouquets. In general, tulips represent love, but each color carries a slightly different meaning. For example, white tulips represent forgiveness, purple tulips are for royalty, red tulips mean true love, and yellow symbolizes happy thoughts.



Daffodils are another springtime favorite. They have trumpet-shaped blooms in bright shades of yellow, white, and orange. They’re basically synonymous with spring, as they also represent renewal, rebirth, and fresh beginnings.




Multiples of these bell-shaped flowers hang delicately from their stems in the loveliest shade of blue. They bloom late in the season and represent humility and gratitude.



Make the Most of Spring with Lovely Seasonal Flowers

If you’re as excited for spring as we are at Flowers Plus, we suggest celebrating the changing season with special floral designs and potted plants designed for springtime. There’s no better way to freshen up your home or office than with spring flowers!

Call today at (704) 342-4529, or order online at https://www,thecharlotteflorist.com,







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How to Order the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers

24-radiant-roses4.425With the holidays in the rear view mirror, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing: we are all beginning to think about finding the perfect way to express our love and affection to those that are close to us.

Luxury flower delivery is one of the most popular ways of doing so, but many people find the process to be a bit overwhelming. At Flowers Plus, we are here to ensure that your loved one’s Valentine’s Day will be one to remember, and in this post, we’ll review five tips to ensure your holiday flower delivery goes off without a hitch.

If you are searching for the perfect luxury flower delivery service this Valentine’s Day, look no further than our Valentine’s Day best deals and specials. Shop our arrangements today and read on to learn more.

Tip #1: Consider the Recipient

When you plan on sending someone flowers for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to think a few things through before placing your order.

What is your relationship with the recipient?

What are his or her favorite colors?

Does he or she appreciate small tokens of affection, or prefer more extravagant gifts?

Red roses are the traditional flower of Valentine’s Day, however, the colors and flowers that you choose for a friend or family member’s arrangement will likely differ from those sent to a romantic interest. Likewise, the style and size of the arrangement should be customized to suit your recipient’s tastes and preferences. Considering the type of relationship you have with the recipient and his or her style is essential to sending an arrangement that is unique and personal to you and your friend or loved one.


We also offer plush items, unique artisan gifts, gourmet candy and greeting cards, as well as ready-made baskets filled with goodies to add to your Valentine flowers.

Tip #2: Plan Ahead

If you are a natural-born procrastinator, you might need to step up your game when it comes to the planning and execution of luxury flower delivery. Waiting until the last minute to order flowers for your loved ones can present a variety of problems. You may experience stress and anxiety in the rush of trying to get the arrangement ordered in time. This may cause you to choose the wrong arrangement or send them to the wrong address.

Additionally, the longer you wait, the more swamped we will be, and that could impact the types of flowers that are available for arrangements, as well as the quality and price of the arrangement. Planning ahead will ensure that your flower delivery goes off without a hitch and that your recipient receives the well-intended gift you imagined.

Tip #3: Consider Early Delivery

wall-of-roses-floral-design-RO00519.300While you are in the mindset of planning ahead, it may also be beneficial to consider ordering your flower delivery early.

Many people enjoy the romantic gesture of receiving flowers on the actual Valentine’s Day holiday itself, but having flowers delivered a couple of days prior to the big day can be beneficial in a couple of ways. We will be less likely to feel rushed to complete your order when you order early.

And, when you order your flowers and have them delivered in the weeks or days leading up to Valentine’s Day, your recipient will get the pleasure of enjoying your gift before the big day arrives, and he or she will appreciate your thoughtfulness and timeliness.

Tip #4: Get Creative and Stay on Trend

Flowers are the traditional gift of the Valentine’s Day holiday, and nearly everyone can appreciate a bouquet of flowers delivered to their home or office. Why not take your gift to the next level with a creative luxury flower delivery? We are able to transform simple bouquets into customized works of art by incorporating designs into the flowers.


Whether your recipient prefers the classic romanticism that roses provide or something a little more unique, including a creative element while minding the latest trends are sure to make your luxury flower delivery one that your recipient will remember forever.

Tip #5: Choose Carefully

In the world of flower delivery, it is important to know that not all florists are created equal. Some will take advantage of the Valentine’s Day holiday and overcharge for their product while we realize the value of pleased, repeat customers.

If you are hoping to deliver flowers to a friend or loved one out of state, it is also important to know that we can accommodate out-of-state deliveries.


Luxury Flower Delivery for Valentine’s Day

When you want to give the gift of luxury flower delivery this Valentine’s Day, Flowers Plus is here for you. We specialize in creating unique arrangements that come complete same-day, and white glove hand delivery in the Charlotte area. For the best, most stunning floral arrangements that can last a long time with proper care, order your Valentine’s Day flowers from Flowers Plus today.


And If You Forgot Until the Last Minute…

We will hold our Annual Valentine Pop-Up Shop in the Atrium at 301 S. College Street again this year from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Feb 12-14th with yards and yards of flowers, roses, gifts, gift baskets, candy, balloons and flowers.

val_man copy

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How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

affection-anniversary-background-633857 copy.jpg

Flowers are an integral part of weddings—and for good reason. They’re not only pretty and a wedding tradition, but they also allow you to express your personal style and creativity. Choosing your wedding flowers is a fun and important part of the planning process, but if you don’t know where to begin, the task might feel a bit more daunting and less like a bed of roses (see what we did there?). Even if you already have a few favorite blooms in mind, there are several things you should consider, such as budget, colors, and style before making your final floral selections.

Follow these tips to help you get started!

Make a budget

This is the first and most important step when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. Your budget will determine the types of flowers you can use in your bouquets, wedding centerpieces and floral decor, so sit down with your fiancé(e) and decide what you are comfortable spending. Most couples spend around eight percent of their total wedding budget on flowers, but that number can vary depending on the types of flowers you order and how many arrangements you need. A bigger budget will allow for more elaborate designs and pricier flowers, while adding greenery is a beautiful and cost-effective option for couples with tighter budgets.

Flowers Plus is an experienced wedding florist

You’ll want to find flowers that fit your color scheme, season and budget, and we will help you do all of that and more. We understand what you want, because we are the ones who will bring your vision to life. We can also be a lifesaver when it comes to providing professional input about your wedding flowers and helping you make tough decisions, like choosing between garden roses and peonies. You can visit our website at https://www.flowersplusonline.com/weddings to check out some of our previous work, visit us on Instagram (@flowerspluscharlotte) and read reviews to get a sense of their style and their specialities (no two florists are alike!).



Gather inspiration

Begin by browsing photos from real weddings or Pinterest. You might find floral arrangements that you absolutely love (and can show the pictures to us) but at the very least, you’ll develop a general sense of your likes and dislikes. Start making notes about your floral preferences, including color, shape, texture, and style. Don’t be afraid to source inspiration from unexpected places, either! Re-watch your favorite wedding-themed movie, scope out the fresh flower section at your local market, or ask your family members about the flowers they used at their weddings. As long as you can share your general vision with your florist, he or she will take it from there and can suggest their ideas for your wedding flowers.

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 2.58.53 PM copy.png

Know the basics

You don’t have to become an overnight expert on wedding flowers, but if you don’t already know some of the basic blooms, it can be helpful to do a bit of research before meeting with us. While you’re gathering floral inspiration, take a moment to familiarize yourself with popular wedding flowers (roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, and ranunculuses, to name a few). Also decide whether or not you want fragrant blooms—lilacs, freesias, peonies, jasmine, sweet peas, and gardenias are among the most perfumed wedding flowers. Knowing a bit of flower lingo will come in handy when you’re talking to us, and you won’t feel completely lost when we’re sharing our ideas for your arrangements.

Of course, if you’re short on time or just don’t want to do any research, our 33+ years of experience will help us point you in the right direction when you meet with us after only a couple of questions. You can call (704) 342-4529 right now to schedule your free consultation.

b00cfb18dc4dfb89aa107669b95373d9 copy

Use your color scheme

If you’re feeling completely stumped about your wedding flowers (we know there are a lot to choose from!), think of them in terms of color to help narrow down your choices. Dahlias, carnations, mums, roses, tulips, and lilies are just a few of the flowers that come in most colors. Other flowers, including peonies, lisianthus, hydrangeas, and anemones have a more limited color selection.

Your wedding flowers don’t have to be an exact match with the rest of your decor, but you should try to choose blooms that complement your color scheme. Look at the colors being used for your invitation suite, attire, table linens, and miscellaneous accents. If you do want the flowers to be a perfect color match, be as specific as possible when discussing them with us—“coral pink” to you might mean light orange or blush to someone else. Provide paint chips, fabric swatches and photos of the decor so we can find the closest possible match.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.30.00 AM copy.png

Start with the bouquet(s)

If you or your fiancé(e) is carrying a bouquet down the aisle, use that as a starting point when you’re choosing your wedding flowers. Your bouquet is a statement piece that will likely appear in a majority of your wedding photos, so it’s important to work with us to design the perfect arrangement. Once you’ve finalized the flowers for your bouquet, we can move on to the other arrangements, such as bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, aisle markers, and centerpieces. These arrangements don’t have to be exact replicas of the bridal bouquet, but they should use some of the same flowers to create a cohesive look.

dec18_brown_lineup_image copy

Embrace your wedding season

Think about the types of flowers that are normally seen around the time of year when you’re getting married, for example, tulips and peonies in the spring, or dahlias and mums in the fall. There’s no rule that says you can only use flowers if they’re in season, but out-of-season blooms might be difficult to find and will generally mean a higher price tag for you in the end.


Match your wedding style

In general, your wedding flowers should reflect the overall style of the wedding. If you’re having a formal black-tie wedding, your flowers should be on the more traditional side (for example, matching centerpiece vessels and tidy arrangements) so they don’t seem out of place.

IMG_4225 copy 2

If your big day is more relaxed and informal, you can get a little creative with your flowers, such as having mix-and-match centerpieces, handmade details, or looser, garden-style arrangements. We had great fun planning this wedding in a local brewery.

oct30_brewery_wedding_bouquets_image copy

Also keep in mind that the types of flowers you choose will shape the tone of your wedding. White calla lilies are timeless and elegant, while bright pink Gerbera daisies are playful and peppy. Pick a few descriptive words (rustic, elegant, glamorous, boho, modern, etc.) to explain your wedding style to us. Describe your venue, dress code and other decor you plan to incorporate.

It can be a big task to plan a wedding, but it can also be an enjoyable one. Rely on our 333+ years of experience, and you will sail through your wedding planning season with joy and anticipation. Ca;; (704) 342-4529 for your free consultation today.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.30.00 AM copy.png

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Flowers are a Perfect Holiday Gift!

This is the season for giving, and flowers make great gifts for family, friends, and that special someone in your life. You are not only giving them flowers, but expressing your love for them during the holidays. Especially good

With so many beautiful flowers available in our shop and online, you can select one design for each recipient! Let us assist you with choosing the most suitable floral gifts. If you want to give a special flower arrangement, here are a few easy steps to follow:

Christmas flower bouquet from Flowers Plus

1. Get Your Christmas Flowers in Person at Our Uptown Shop

As your local uptown florist we are the best source for beautiful Holiday flower arrangements. While the best and most extravagant ones make perfect presents, they do not have to be expensive to be appreciated. We can help you with picking the best arrangement within your budget.

Floral gift  with candles from Flowers Plus

2. Buy Your Christmas Flowers Online

Buying and sending flowers is a breeze when done online. It’s convenient for all, and you can shop anytime day or night. Sending beautiful flowers for gifts this year couldn’t be any easier!


Beautiful White Roses arrangement from Flowers Plus

3. Combine Your Christmas Flowers with Gift Baskets

In addition to fresh flowers, we offer a wide variety of baskets and gifts that you can add. There is no limit, and you can be as generous as you like with these gift items! We have a ready made selection of cute or lovely creations, which are perfect for the holiday season!

Classic Fruit Basket from Flowers Plus

4. Send Your Holiday Flowers Through Our Reliable Delivery System

We offer reliable delivery service that takes into account your own personal schedule. You can request for a same day delivery, or select a specific date.

Flowers are a wonderful way to greet and acknowledge people. Giving flowers to your loved ones this special Holiday season will definitely warm their hearts and add to the cheer.

Call us at (704) 342-4539, or order online at www.thecharlotteflorist.com.

Have a wonderful Holiday!


 Glitzy Holiday Party Arrangement from Flowers Plus

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Fall Colors for Decor and More


Upcoming color trends for the 2019 Fall season are all about using new and exciting colors. Now, we know what you’re thinking… Fall colors have been the same forEVER! Reds, oranges, yellows, browns… Those are very fun colors to use, but this year add in accent colors like lime green, magenta, or orange cream for exciting and unique arrangements, or in your other Fall decor.

Check out these great palettes, get inspired and start planning your fall season!

Fall Contemporary

Don’t forget your metals! Copper, Gold, Bronze, and Greened Copper are very trendy elements for fall floral design!

Here is a great list of more options you can ask us for in your floral arrangements for fall:

  • Harvest time veggies – okra, cherry tomatoes, gourds, pumpkins, etc
  • Wheat
  • Fall foliage
  • Pine Cones
  • Rustic Sticks
  • Artichokes
  • Succulents
  • Red/yellow sunflowers (also try using them without the petals, the green/brown is a great look)
  • Lotus pods
  • Mango calla lilies
  • Orange pin cushions
  • Fern leaves
  • Fern fronds
  • Kangaroo Paws
  • Hanging Amaranthus
  • Corn husks (natural or dyed)

Need more inspiration? Call us at (704) 342-4529 and let our expert Designers create something unique for you!


Or view our Fall selection of arrangements to order online at https://www,thecharlotteflorist.com.

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Boss’s Day is October 16, 2019


“What exactly is Boss’s Day?” We hear this question quite a bit, so we have set out to answer this question and give some tips on what to do for your own boss.

What is Boss’s Day?

Boss’s Day is a day for employees to show appreciation and give thanks to their bosses for all the good things that they have done throughout the year. It is celebrated all around the world on October 16 by exchanging flowers, gifts, and candy. Boss’s Day always falls on October 16th unless that day is either Saturday or Sunday.

Flowers Plus is taking it one step further this year and is giving our bosses the entire week! Celebrate bosses’ week this year from October 14th-18th.

Defining a Good Boss

Does your boss have what it takes to be a great boss? According to popular wisdom, a great boss does the following:

1) Sets clear expectations.

A great boss identifies priorities and entrusts employees to get work done how they see fit. Rather than telling someone how to do something they allow their employees to work through their own processes.

2) Gives feedback.

Regular scheduled feedback lets employees know what they are doing well and what they may need to work on. This also creates a more positive relationship between boss and employee.

3) Recognizes efforts.

Positive reinforcement shows employees they are appreciated. A great boss recognizes positive efforts which reinforces high quality performance.

4) Finds each person’s unique talents.

A great boss takes advantage of what each employee does best. This leads employees feeling confident about their work and talents and benefits both parties.

5 ) Is open and truthful.

A good boss is aware of the importance of communication. Sharing their opinions and providing employees with important information is helpful for directing employees in the right direction.


Appreciating Your Boss Gift Guide and Ideas

Show your boss your appreciation with our wide selection of flowers and gifts. Here are some options for you:

The Snack Attack Sweet & Salty Gift Basket which includes the widely popular candies and peanuts to satisfy any craving. Each selection is custom made and substitutions may be necessary. Your order will be produced as closely as possible to the picture.


Or choose our Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket filled with sweet surprises.


Or send something more personal like The Fall Flower Gala Arrangement, a beautiful arrangement of fall colors.


We also carry a wide assortment of plants and dish gardens. perfect for office light.


Or choose from our variety of gourmet chocolates, artisan-made gifts, unique cards and balloons, and fun plush.

All can be combined with floral arrangements or bouquets to make up a very special package for your boss. Stop in any day M-F from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, or Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Or call (704) 342-4529 or order online at https://www.thecharlotteflorist.com

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Support Local Businesses and Shop Small


We have been your local Uptown florist in Charlotte since 1983, and the shop has been owned by Joel Houston since purchasing it from the original owner in 1997. We are proud to use local flower suppliers, and we also stock a wide variety of artisan gifts in the shop.


It’s hard to believe that the year is flying past so quickly, but here we are at the end of August and we’ve entered the busiest shopping season of the year. Remember, it’s better to be nice than naughty. Rather than shopping in the behemoth big box stores, there are so many positive aspects to patronizing small businesses.


Here are a few good reasons to shop locally:

  • Small businesses support your local economy. Shopping small has a big payoff for your local community. According to Metro Family Magazine, $73 out of every $100 spent at your neighborhood shop stays in the community, funding city programs and improving neighborhood services. By comparison, the amount drops to $43 at big box stores.
  • Small businesses build strong neighborhoods. Small businesses know and love the community that helps them thrive. Want to catch up on neighborhood news? Make meaningful connections? Look no further than your local deli, boutique or flower shop.
  • Small businesses preserve community distinctiveness. Independent businesses, run by people who genuinely care about customer satisfaction, celebrate your city’s uniqueness. Small business owners pride themselves on offering stellar service and responding to their community’s needs and wants with products that exude character and quality.
  • Small business owners possess product expertise. Local merchants know their products backwards and forwards and are eager to help you make the best purchasing decision.
  • Small businesses fund local charitable programs. Studies confirm small business owners are exceedingly generous. According to Sue Lynn Sasser, PhD, a professor of economics at the University of Central Oklahoma, nonprofits received 250 percent more funding from small businesses than large ones.
  • Small businesses support local suppliers. Studies confirm small business owners are exceedingly generous. According to Sue Lynn Sasser, PhD, a professor of economics at the University of Central Oklahoma, nonprofits received 250 percent more funding from small businesses than large ones.



We have always stocked a variety of work from Local Artists, and we will  be adding more throughout the season, so be sure to drop in to the shop on the lower level of Two Wells Fargo Center to see our artisan gifts, unique greeting cards and specialty chocolates. While you’re visiting us you can pick up a ready-made arrangement of designer selected wrapped bouquet to take home with you. We love seeing our customers in person!



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Hydrangea – Our Signature Flower


With their blooming poms and beautiful colors, hydrangeas are a popular choice for florists, and in fact they are our Signature flower. They’re gorgeous, showy, long lasting and make a great addition to flower arrangements. Before you send them, find out more about the history and meanings behind hydrangeas in this month’s blog post.

8b83-VA112318.425Forget about peaches and cream! This arrangement is filled with peaches and dreams! Dreamy blue hydrangeas and marvelous peach gerberas and lilies are a delight in this bouquet. For just because or a beautiful Summer day, this arrangement will have them Filled with Delight! Order by clicking here or on photo. It’s available in three sizes.


Hydrangeas were originally cultivated in Japan and made their way to North America and Europe in the 1700s. A Japanese emperor once gave them to the family of his lover to show them how much he loved her and express his regret over his decision to put business over her. Because of this, hydrangeas are a symbol of heartfelt emotion and apology.



  • Hydrangeas are available in several different colors. Their color is determined by the acidity of the soil they are grown in.
  • Their name comes from the Greek words for water (“hydros”) and jar (“angos”), roughly translating to “water barrel,” which is a reference to the flowers’ need for plenty of water.
  • Hydrangeas are common flowers to give on 4th wedding anniversaries. Sending them will symbolize appreciation to your spouse.



Color Meanings

Pink- romance, heartfelt emotion
Blue- apology, asking for forgiveness
White- purity, grace, abundance, but can be seen as bragging or boasting
Purple- desire to understand, or abundance and wealth

Soothe The Soul (shown above) comes in a cylinder vase, with Aspidistra leaves, Variegated Pittosporum, Green Hydrangea (Antique), Lavender Roses, Purple Carnations, Hot Pink Mini Carnations, Green Echeveria (Succulent), and Green Button Poms. *Some substitutions are occasionally made due to availability, Call (704) 342-4539 for details.

With such a wide range of meanings among hydrangeas, make sure you’re choosing the right type to send to your special someone. No matter which color you pick, we will be sure to create a beautiful arrangement using the hydrangeas of your choice.

Call (704)342-4539 to order, or order online at https://www,thecharlotteflorist.com. All of the arrangements you see here are currently available, and more!

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Keeping Your Flowers Beautiful

sun-infused-flowers-summer-arrangement-VA0102011.425What is the best way to take care of a flower arrangement?

It depends on how they are packaged:


  • If you receive flowers in a container with floral foam, be certain the container is full of water every day. The water should be treated with the floral food provided by your florist. Using your finger, feel under the greens for a place where water can be added. Or you can pour water slowly into the center of the arrangement, keeping a finger in the container to gauge the water level.


  • If you receive flowers in a vase, check to be sure the water is always clear. If the water turns cloudy, empty it and add fresh water mixed with the floral food provided by your florist. If possible, re-cut the stems with a sharp knife before placing them in the fresh water.Dozen_Roses_Boxed__46567.1328561630
  • If you receive flowers in a box or tissue, remove all of the foliage that falls below the water line, then cut the stems with a sharp knife in a sink full of warm water. Be sure to cut the stems under the water and place them immediately into a vase of warm water mixed with the floral food provided by your florist.

No matter what type of arrangement you have, it is important to keep your flowers off of televisions, appliances and heating/cooling units. You should also keep them away from hot or cold drafts and out of direct sunlight.

What is wrong with the water in a vase when it turns yellow and cloudy?

This is a natural sign that bacteria are growing in the water. Bacteria can clog stems and shorten the vase life of flowers, so keep the water clear at all times to ensure the longevity of your blooms. If your water starts to turn cloudy, immediately empty the vase and add fresh water, preferably mixed with the floral food provided by your florist. Re-cut the stems with a sharp knife under warm water before placing them in the vase of fresh water.317.425

Since flowers like sunshine, should I put my arrangement in the sun when I get it?

No. Growing flowers require sunshine for maturation, but cut flowers will fade much faster if exposed to heat and direct sunlight. To keep flowers fresh longer, place them in a location away from sun and drafts.classic-rose-royale-18-red-roses-vase-RO00107.425

Is it possible to revive a wilted rose?

Sometimes. If a rose wilts prematurely, remove it from the arrangement and try the following easy tip to perk it up. Fill a sink with warm water. Lay the rose horizontally in the water bath and cut the stem (about 1″) with a sharp knife under the warm water. Leave the rose in the bath for about two hours and let the water cool. This process can work wonders, but if the rose is already past its vase life it will not revive.


We hope this information helps you to keep your flowers lovely much longer. Always feel free to call us with any questions at (704) 342-4529.

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Summer Dining with Flowers

celebrate_summer_blog_headerOne of the best ways to celebrate summer is to host a gathering that reflects all that’s best about the season—and there’s a lot, if you ask us here at Flowers Plus. The longer, warmer days and milder nights practically require a party that takes place outdoors, ultimately lit by candles and moonlight as it winds into the evening.

Menus might take a farm-to-table approach, showcasing the season’s bounty. Imagine a platter of salmon or herb-encrusted pork next to a heaping salad topped off with garden-fresh veggies. Or a charcuterie full of meats, cheeses and seasonal fruits, a cherry pie or refreshing sorbet waiting in the wings, and plenty of chilled wine on hand. All that’s missing? The flowers to go with it.

A hand-arranged wrapped bouquet is always welcome, and our designers create them just like it’s done in Paris. They create the arrangement in their hands, just as if it was meant for a vase, and then wrap it up for you to pick up in our shop on the lower level at Two Well Fargo Center. We always have a selection of these bouquets available in different price ranges, and we’re open six days a week.


Flavors are bright and citrus-forward in the summer, and maybe the floral menu should follow suit. For instance, our Dancing Blossoms delights in vibrant, rainbow hues. It’s hand-arranged, giving it that fresh and bright feeling, which is a great way to describe summer, too. The relaxed elegance of the season is reflected in this design, which is full of flowers of all varieties, including lilies, tulips, hydrangeas, roses, and carnations.

dancing-blossoms-bouquet.425Yes, it looks pretty enough to eat. But that’s what the gorgeous feast you’ve laid out for your guests is for. Let your flowers complement the meal!

Here are some other suggestions to brighten your summer table:

Fun lime green spider mums, bright yellow spray roses, daisy poms, and white asters are playfully arranged in a modern cube vase. For a petite arrangement that really packs a punch, Lemon-Lime Zest is a refreshing slice of sunshine. Click on the image to purchase.lemonlime-zest-arrangement.425If your party moves indoors, this lovely arrangement will bring the garden inside. Stems of pink and white alstroemeria, mini spray roses, lavender stock, yellow button poms and blue hyacinth are peacefully cradled in a wicker basket. For a little slice of springtime, perfect for any time, click on the image to order this sweetly-scented arrangement today!garden-fresh-perfume-floral-arrangement.425You can find these and many more summer bright arrangements at our online store site, here. And we are always happy to discuss something custom for you. All you need to do is call us at (704) 342-4529.

Happy summer living!

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