Prom Season…

Each year we get a new group of juniors and returning seniors that have to get ready for their Prom. Here are a few pointers to get you started and help you along the way.

  • Visit Flowers Plus at least two or three weeks prior to your prom. This will allow us to special order the flowers
  • Bring in a swatch of your dress or your date’s dress to match the ribbon for your corsage, wristlet and/or boutonniere
  • Ask your date what her favorite color is and if she has a favorite flower. By using her favorite flower and/or color you can personalize her prom flowers and make her feel even more special
  • Prom Flowers are special order flowers and must be paid for when placing your order.
  • Visit our website or our facebook page for ideas

Trust Flowers Plus to make your beautiful prom flowers …after all, we are the experts. Each of our designers have made 1000′s of corsages, wristlets and boutonnieres. We stay current with the latest trends and designs. Please stop by so we can assist with your prom needs.

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Sympathy Flowers …

Comforting those who have lost a loved one is never easy.  In fact, we are often unsure how to commemorate the death of loved ones.  Today’s services are sometimes more simple and shorter in duration.  An increase in cremations has resulted in shorter or even no memorial services.  Flowers remain an appropriate and thoughtful way to honor the loss of a beautiful life.

Personalized funeral and sympathy tributes are a growing trend.  If the deceased loved the outdoors, a design incorporating branches and natural materials would be ideal, if the deceased was an avid gardener, a tribute composed of garden flowers or a vine of tomatoes, garden gloves, or trowels would be a perfect choice.

Sending a gift of flowers to the home is a wonderful way to express your sympathy and is a popular trend.  Some prefer to send flowers to the home immediately while others wait a week or more.  There are no rules of etiquette, simply follow your heart.  Flowers are a comforting reminder during the grieving process that friends have not forgotten.

A question we are frequently asked …“Is it still appropriate to send flowers if the death notice mentions a charitable donation?”  The answer is … Yes.  Sending flowers is always appropriate and in good taste.  Flowers communicate what is often difficult to say in words.  Flowers add warmth and provide visible emotional support needed during difficult times.

Flowers are always a beautiful way to honor a beautiful life.

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How much are Wedding Flowers??

It’s engagement season and we get asked this question a lot and it’s pretty much impossible to answer. It would make everyone’s life easier if we had a simple answer, unfortunately we do not. There are so many factors that determine the cost of flowers for a wedding that until the consultation we really can only give a ball park figure, but really don’t know until we meet, talk and decide on what would be right for that individuals wedding.

A simple wedding might consist of a bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonnière and a few corsages. Other weddings will include a large wedding party, ceremony decor and reception centerpieces.   One bride may want 2 altar arrangements, while another may want to add pew decorations, garlands of flowers, wreaths on the doors, an aisle lined with petals, or any number of Pinterest inspired ideas, all of which are completely available, but do have a very big difference in cost.

Other considerations that will determine price are the flowers that are selected, the time of year as well as the size and style of each bouquet. If the bride chooses flowers that are out of season it will be more expensive than a selection from seasonal flowers.  Holiday’s also drive the prices of flowers up from the very basic level.  Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s day to name a few.  Always talk to your florist and make the best choice that you feel comfortable with.  Flowers bring beauty to the day, but the Bride and Groom are really the true “Centerpieces”.

The Consultation

The appropriate way to get an estimate on your wedding flowers is to schedule a consultation to talk about all the options.  We love for brides to share pictures and ideas about what their vision is for their wedding.   It gives us a true understanding of the couple’s style.  During the consultation we can suggest appropriate substitutions if necessary, while keeping the color and style preferences of the bride in mind.

 The Deposit

As soon as a bride knows which florist she trusts to make her wedding flower dreams a reality, she will be asked to leave a deposit. Every florist has their own policy regarding deposits and payments. Once we take a deposit, we “save” that date and depending on the size of the event, we may turn away other requests for our services; which is why the deposits are not refundable. It’s important to select a trusted professional florist so you don’t have to worry about any of the flower details on your big day. Choose wisely, communicate well, then relax and let Flowers Plus do what we do best!



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Holiday Decor Tips

December is that time of year that so many Holiday’s, that mean so very much to so very many offers us the opportunity to learn and grow from each other.  I’m sure many of you are in the midst of planning holiday dinners,  parties and decoratating your homes. Flowers and fresh evergreens always compliment any dinner table, an entry hall table, guest powder room, or guest rooms where holiday guest may be staying to name a few. Here are a few tips and things to think about from Flowers Plus to help you choose the right flowers for your table!

Avoid Fragrant Flowers.  Some flowers smell wonderfully fragrant, but for a dinner table, it’s best to avoid aromatic blooms. You don’t want the scent interfering with the delicious meal that you’ve just spent hours preparing! Also, avoid high allergen flowers.

So now that you know what flowers to avoid, which are the best flowers to use for your holiday table? Our favorite flowers that we always love to use for holiday centerpieces are Velvety Roses, Orchids, Calla Lilies, Snow Flake Mums, Snap Dragons, Hypericum Berrries, Hydrangia, Stars of Bethlehem, pods, and mixed winter foiliages…just to name a few.

Always make sure your centerpiece does not block the view of the person sitting across from you. While the flowers may be beautiful, you do not want them interfering with having a conversation!  Make sure that your flowers are a reasonable height. You either go low (no higher than 12” to 15” tall) or go really high like decorating your chandelier with flowers!

If you’re lucky enough to have a massive table, you can order a large centerpiece without it taking up too much of a footprint on your table. For those with less space, a smaller centerpiece or individual vases and arrangements might be better so you have enough room to showcase all those great treats for all of your guest!

Just tell us your vision and our designers will create something beautiful that is sure to please!

Wishing you and your families a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season, and from all of us at Flowers Plus, “Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!”

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Carnations….Love or Hate?

The carnation is a controversial topic, people either love them or hate them. Most people hate them.


Carnations are hardy flowers which have been cultivated for hundreds of years. The flower ranges from the diminutive mini carnation used in bouquets–which are sometimes deceptive and not recognized as a carnation to large single bloom commonly worn in the buttonhole. Carnations may used as a filler in bouquets and are one of the most widely known flowers in the world. Many people associate carnations with love and affection, and they may be exchanged on holidays dedicated to these sentiments. They really are rather lovely bloom, even if they are considered “common”.

So, why do people dislike them so much?

Well, some associate them with funerals or as a cheap flower. Nothing could be further from the truth; they can be quite lovely and long-lasting when used in a floral arrangement. Carnations come in a wide variety of colors and vary from white, red, pink, yellow, purple, peach and bi-colors, just to name a few.

And yes, maybe they might look a little tacky dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day but isn’t that fun? The Carnation is a versatile flower that can transform itself from tacky to cool!!

Of course we get requests for carnations to NOT be put into arrangements but florists are slowly re-introducing them into popular culture as long as the customer isn’t specific. A bunch of carnations in a vase can last several weeks. Of course you will need to change the water and slightly trim the tips before placing them back into water. Now, what other flowers can do that?

Instead of being a carnation hater, take a second look.

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“My Top 10”

When people ask the question, “What do you do?” and I tell them I work in a flower shop, they usually respond with one of the following reactions: “Oh! I’ve always wanted to work in a flower shop” or “It must be so much fun working around beautiful flowers everyday…” 

Here are the “Top 10” [Light-Hearted] things I’ve learned working at a flower shop…

1. Dignity is overrated…you realize this after the fourth time you slip on spilled water and try to remain upright  #ArmsFlailing

2. While we’re on the subject of things that are overrated, add lunch breaks to the list…Thankfully “Halfpenny’ s” is 10 steps away!  #YumCarmelAppleMuffins

3. As much as you want to wear your cute sandals or flats to work, Don’t. [See #1]

4. The Keurig™ … it’s a way of life  #CaffeineFix

5. “Every Rose Has its Thorn”… some are more like daggers, and their only mission in life is to lodge themselves into your fingers

6. Valentine’s Day…need I say more?  #NotAnotherRedRose

7. Manicured nails are a thing of the past

8. In Large quantities, Baby’s Breath [or Gypsophila, as it’s known in the industry] kind of smells like cat pee #StillPretty

9. The occasional “Bride-zilla” & “Groom-zilla” does exist – I get it!  #WeddingJitters #ThePerfectDay

10. There is no greater temptation than to walk in to the cooler the size of a living room at your favorite wholesalers and gaze upon the most gorgeous blooming beauties. You must develop tunnel vision and repeat the following mantra, “I‘m here for a reason…I will only buy what I need…”

And just when you feel like you can’t poke even one more stem in to an arrangement, someone comes into the shop and says, “I’m on my lunch break, and I just had to stop in and buy some beautiful flowers to brighten my day.” 

That’s when I remember ….My  job is pretty awesome! 

We love our customers!!

P.S. In all seriousness, I have learned so  very much more…sometimes it can get chaotic but at the end of the day it’s a good feeling to walk away and know that you played a small part in brightening someone’s day. 

That’s why….”I do what I love and love what I do”!!

                                                                                                   By: Maureen Nolan

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“Do What You Love…Love What You Do”

Flowers Plus has been in business for 28 years and is located in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, NC. We specialize in friendly customer service, beautiful fresh cut flowers and tropicals, a wide selection of green and blooming plants, fruit and snack baskets to name a few. We also specialize in weddings, special events, corporate parties and weekly corporate arrangements. We strive to provide our customers with the highest standard of quality in product, design, service and presentation while never forgetting value. We’re in the business of happy and love being inspired by all of the pretty that surrounds us.

Deb is the first point of contact at Flowers Plus. She provides our clients with a high level of professional service whether you call on the phone or walk in the front door. She manages to interpret our customer’s vision and relay it to our talented staff of floral designers.                               

We take pride in having a staff of strong, talented, creative designers that all share a love for flowers. We have two full time designers Gary & Tammy, two part time Maureen & Mel and two “casual” Paula & Jacq.  If you add up all the years experience along with Joel [the owner] it totals over 150 years!! That’s a lot of experience and pretty impressive!!

We have three dedicated delivery drivers Cedric, Lori & Calvin who take pride to insure that each floral arrangement, plant, gift basket and funeral piece all arrive at their destination in a timely manner and as beautiful as they were when they left the flower shop.

Since we are a small local business it is very important to us to support other local small businesses. For the most part our flowers come from local flower farms & green houses, Burleson Flower Farm and Briarpatch Nursery. We also carry yummy chocolates from another small business barCHOCOLATE, a local chocolate artisan as well as handmade soaps and spa products from Small Keys.  Every time you walk into your local flower shop you are supporting a local business. The flowers from that local shop are fresh cut, hand-arranged and you will have the opportunity to get that arrangement customized to fit your specific need!

Avoid getting fooled by the national flower delivery sites that ship flowers in a box. Flowers lose their special touch when the recipient has to unpack and arrange the bouquet themselves. Our designers hand-arrange and our delivery team will personally deliver your flowers.

Remember, flowers are perfect for any occasion; they are always in style, customizable, used for home decoration, worn for personal decoration and the perfect thing to brighten anyone’s day!

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