How much are Wedding Flowers??

It’s engagement season and we get asked this question a lot and it’s pretty much impossible to answer. It would make everyone’s life easier if we had a simple answer, unfortunately we do not. There are so many factors that determine the cost of flowers for a wedding that until the consultation we really can only give a ball park figure, but really don’t know until we meet, talk and decide on what would be right for that individuals wedding.

A simple wedding might consist of a bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonnière and a few corsages. Other weddings will include a large wedding party, ceremony decor and reception centerpieces.   One bride may want 2 altar arrangements, while another may want to add pew decorations, garlands of flowers, wreaths on the doors, an aisle lined with petals, or any number of Pinterest inspired ideas, all of which are completely available, but do have a very big difference in cost.

Other considerations that will determine price are the flowers that are selected, the time of year as well as the size and style of each bouquet. If the bride chooses flowers that are out of season it will be more expensive than a selection from seasonal flowers.  Holiday’s also drive the prices of flowers up from the very basic level.  Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s day to name a few.  Always talk to your florist and make the best choice that you feel comfortable with.  Flowers bring beauty to the day, but the Bride and Groom are really the true “Centerpieces”.

The Consultation

The appropriate way to get an estimate on your wedding flowers is to schedule a consultation to talk about all the options.  We love for brides to share pictures and ideas about what their vision is for their wedding.   It gives us a true understanding of the couple’s style.  During the consultation we can suggest appropriate substitutions if necessary, while keeping the color and style preferences of the bride in mind.

 The Deposit

As soon as a bride knows which florist she trusts to make her wedding flower dreams a reality, she will be asked to leave a deposit. Every florist has their own policy regarding deposits and payments. Once we take a deposit, we “save” that date and depending on the size of the event, we may turn away other requests for our services; which is why the deposits are not refundable. It’s important to select a trusted professional florist so you don’t have to worry about any of the flower details on your big day. Choose wisely, communicate well, then relax and let Flowers Plus do what we do best!



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