Sympathy Flowers …

Comforting those who have lost a loved one is never easy.  In fact, we are often unsure how to commemorate the death of loved ones.  Today’s services are sometimes more simple and shorter in duration.  An increase in cremations has resulted in shorter or even no memorial services.  Flowers remain an appropriate and thoughtful way to honor the loss of a beautiful life.

Personalized funeral and sympathy tributes are a growing trend.  If the deceased loved the outdoors, a design incorporating branches and natural materials would be ideal, if the deceased was an avid gardener, a tribute composed of garden flowers or a vine of tomatoes, garden gloves, or trowels would be a perfect choice.

Sending a gift of flowers to the home is a wonderful way to express your sympathy and is a popular trend.  Some prefer to send flowers to the home immediately while others wait a week or more.  There are no rules of etiquette, simply follow your heart.  Flowers are a comforting reminder during the grieving process that friends have not forgotten.

A question we are frequently asked …“Is it still appropriate to send flowers if the death notice mentions a charitable donation?”  The answer is … Yes.  Sending flowers is always appropriate and in good taste.  Flowers communicate what is often difficult to say in words.  Flowers add warmth and provide visible emotional support needed during difficult times.

Flowers are always a beautiful way to honor a beautiful life.

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